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Find out why this book by Wallace D Wattles REMAINS a classic on manifesting exactly the life you want...even after 100 years!

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So that you can get a feel for how deep with go with our "Science of Getting Rich: EXPLAINED" program, we've included one of the modules with the download of the e-book!  

Read it... then LIVE it.

Reading a book like "The Science of Getting Rich" is only the beginning.


I know from personal experience that without a more in-depth look at this work, one is likely to miss most of it's value.


It's easy to get excited by these principles...but unless you put them into action, you'll never see the benefits.


Our "Science of Getting Rich:EXPLAINED" provides a deep-dive, chapter-by-chapter analysis of this classic work in both video and audio formats, bringing more recent thoughts about the Law of Attraction, manifesting, and quantum physics into the conversation to help ground these principles even further.

For over two decades, I have been teaching principles of "creating your reality" from a wide variety of angles.

THIS course is an "update" of all I've learned, and what I truly believe is what you really need to know.

Bob Doyle 



Bob Doyle has been teaching Law of Attraction principles since 1998, and has taught thousands of students through his "Wealth Beyond Reason Program" which led to his appearance in the film and book phenomenon, "The Secret." 

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