November 23, 2019 - 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Clarity on your Vision.


The Tools to Make it Happen.

All In One Day.

Stop for a moment and consider whether this applies to you:


You feel overwhelmed, confused, and pulled in all directions.


Or, perhaps, you feel like NOTHING is happening, and that life is just passing you by – when you KNOW you’re here to do something bigger


Life feels like it’s totally gotten away from you, and sometimes you’re not even sure what you WANT anymore.


Your mind is racing constantly with things to remember…things to worry about…

You need a break… 


But not just an ordinary vacation.


Vacations are great for recharging…but after the vacation, what has really changed?


Manifestation in the Basin” is not just a 1-day vacation. It’s a crea-cation! 


It's “vacation” all about “creation!”

This is more than just a leisurely hike in the great outdoors – although that’s a wonderful part of it. This is also a deep-dive “group coaching session”, where you and a small group of others will get absolute clarity on what you want to create in your life…and we’ll know that this vision is what you really want, and not based on the expectations of others, or limiting beliefs and ideas from the past.


You’ll learn tools and techniques that are generally only shared with my high-end coaching clients…and while simple to do, are truly the most powerful things you can do to bring your “real life” in alignment with the life of your dreams.

You’ll be spending the day with me – Bob Doyle – featured expert in the film and book “The Secret”, Tracey Samlow (“The Energy of Expansion”) and a small intimate group of other like-minded people…together with one primary objective:


Get absolute clarity on a vision for your life that inspires you…AND give you exactly what you need to make it happen.

But, hey… Why Even TRY to Live Your Dreams?


Why even take this on? I mean, most people don’t really go after their dreams in a big way because they don’t have the belief that they can happen. The really unfortunate part about this is that there are people who truly NEED you to live the life of YOUR dreams, so that you are able to use your talents and abilities to add value to the lives of others.


The world truly does need your most natural gifts. So let’s create a vision where everyone wins. You, and all the people you will impact when you’re living your most empowering life!

Meet Your Hosts!

Bob Doyle


Bob has been teaching and coaching Law of Attraction principles for nearly two decades. He's written two books on the subject, been featured in “The Secret” as well as numerous other films and books, and has spoken and trained all over the world.


Bob actively coaches every day on this exact thing:


Getting Clarity on What You Want

and How to Get You There!


Bob is driven by a vision where people like you allow yourself to be who you truly want to be in life, and accomplish all you can imagine! He personally lived so much of his  life playing much smaller than he needed to because of his perception and meaning he made out of the expectations others had on him. True or not, these perceptions caused him to feel h could not be who he really wanted to be.

Tracey Samlow


Tracey Samlow is a mentor in business, marketing, public relations, and personal development.


She is a #1 Amazon best-selling author of “The Energy of Expansion”; inspirational speaker; promotor of conscious messengers, products and services (aka Miracle Messengers™); Body~Mind~Spirit Coach; and Heart 2 Heart Connector™.


She devotes her life to giving and making a positive impact in this world. Tracey works with some of the most renowned transformational leaders around the globe assisting them in raising the vibration of the planet, helping humanity to wake up to our true nature, and realize that we are all One.


With decades of experience as a business owner and independent consultant, Tracey offers a variety of services to the world and dedicates most of her time to working with experts in the personal development, hospitality, food service, and health and wellness industries.



November 23, 2019

  • 8-8:30am

    The Salt Room LV

    Registration and Introductions

  • 8:30-10am

    Manifestation Workshop

  • 10-11am

    Salt Cave Session

  • 11am-12pm


  • 12-12:30pm

    Travel to Calico Basin

  • 12:30-1pm

    Hike to Calico Basin Corner

  • 1-2pm

    Manifestation Workshop

  • 2-2:30pm

    Hike to Cars

  • 2:30-3pm

    Travel to Salt Room LV

  • 3-3:30pm

    Goodie Bags and Goodbyes

  • 3:30-4pm


    Travel to Exploration Peak Park

  • 4-4:30pm

    Film "Under The Tree" LIVE Broadcast with Bob and Tracey


Discovering that, and giving you the tools you need to make it happen – like meditation, special breathing techniques, and visualization exercises (even IF you’ve been challenged by those in the past) – is what this day is for.


Better than a vacation, this one day begins the orchestration of an entirely new life…AND you also enjoy the benefits of the beautiful environment here in Calico Basin.



We’ll start our day at the beautiful “Salt Room” facility here in Las Vegas (Summerlin).


This is a stunning venue with a Himalayan “salt cave” that will absolutely whisk you away. Yes...a session in the cave is included!


This is where we'll gather to meet, have lunch (on us!), and create the perfect environment for manifesting!  


And you'll leave with a special gift from the Salt Room! 


You'll love it!



Listen to Ava Mucikyan, the owner of The Salt Room, describe the benefits of basking in the glow of the 20,000 pounds of Himalayan salt that make up the Salt Cave!


In addition to the experience being amazingly soothing and relaxing, there are multiple health benefits as well!


Check it out!

So not only are you receiving personal coaching from one of the original teachers from The Secret, as well as Tracey Samlow's experience with various Energy modalities, you are receiving the health benefits of Halotherapy and time outdoors at the extraordinary Calico Basin where everything you learn during the day comes together!


This is quite literally thousands of dollars in coaching and training, all concentrated into one exciting day, and all for only $997. 


Plus you'll be receiving an incredible bag of gifts to take home with you to continue the experience!


Leap on this now!


You’ll be getting 100% of our coaching. We’ll hold nothing back. Our stand is for you to leave in a totally new place of empowerment, with an inspiring vision and the know-how to achieve it!

Manifestation In The Basin Group Retreat

  • A DAY of Personal Coaching directly with Bob Doyle ($10,000-$20,000 value)
  • A “Salt Cave” session at The Salt Room Las Vegas!
  • Clarity on your Vision
  • Tools for eliminating resistance
  • Various Visualization Techniques
  • Simple-to-Use Meditation Techniques
  • Powerful Breathing Techniques to reset mind and body
  • Catered Lunch
  • Snacks and Water for Outdoor Activity
  • Surprise take-home Gifts!
  • A LIFETIME of memories and new friends!


100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!


Bob Doyle has been teaching Law of Attraction principles since 1998, and has taught thousands of students through his "Wealth Beyond Reason Program" which led to his appearance in the film and book phenomenon, "The Secret." 


Bob is a serial entrepreneur and has many passions. For details, visit. .

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