Bob Doyle

Featured Expert in "The Secret" 

And More...

  • Law of Attraction Expert. #1 best-selling author, speaker, and coach. Featured in "The Secret." Host of the "No More Secrets" Podcast.

  • Media Consultant. Over 30 years in the voiceover industry. Livestream and Podcast consulting and training.

  • Show host, composer, writer.  Host of "The Bob Doyle Show", music composer,  writer, producer, and actor in virtual reality short films.

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself...

Law of Attraction Expert/Speaker

Bob is best known as a Law of Attraction teacher, featured in the film and book "The Secret." There are several ways to get more specific information from Bob on the subject of creating your life by design!

No More Secrets

After almost 20 years of teaching the Law of Attraction, what does this "Secret" expert want you to know NOW?


Live events, podcast, and book.

The Science of Getting Rich: EXPLAINED

Go back to the basics and revisit the book that inspired "The Secret" and take a deep dive into a chapter-by-chapter analysis!


Live Speaking / Training / Coaching

Bob brings warmth, humor, and humanity to the Law of Attraction conversation, delivering huge value while creating a fun experience.


Wealth Beyond Reason

How did Bob end up in "The Secret?"


This program. The premiere Law of Attraction curriculum that started it all.


Remote Training

Want great training for your group without the high costs of in-person speaking fees, travel, etc.?

Save time, money, and hassle with remote training from Bob Doyle!

Custom Affirmations

Rewire your subconscious with personalized affirmations recorded by Bob Doyle from "The Secret."




Media Trainer/Producer

Bob has been involved in various aspects of the media since the mid 1980's and offers a variety of related services, ranging from voice-over to livestream and podcast production.

Professional Voice-over

Bob has been a professional voice-over artist for over 30 years. Thousands of clients served. Bulk pricing available!


Livestream Jumpstart

Want to produce a top-notch, full-featured livestream broadcast, or pre-recorded videos in real time? Bob provides personal training and setup for advanced livestream and video production capabilities!

Podcast Jumpstart

Ever thought about hosting your own podcast to expand your reach, grow your business, and have a ton of fun...but are confused as to how it works? 

Let Podcast Jumpstart help!

Show Host, Writer, Composer, Actor

Aside from personal development and media, Bob also has several creative outlets you can find. His "Bob Doyle Show" is not to be missed, and you can also check out his original music, Instagram accounts, and short films created using Virtual Reality Technology!

The Bob Doyle Show

A "tour-de-force" of live broadcasting featuring interviews, stories, virtual reality, and wall-to-wall fun.




Original Music by Bob

Bob has been composing music since childhood.


Check out his Soundcloud page for a huge variety of styles, many which are ideal for meditation, visualization, etc.

Bob Doyle VR

Bob uses virtual reality technology to produce short videos, livestreams, game shows, and more with an infinite cast of characters and settings!




Bob on Instagram

Bob has several Instagram accounts, and the content varies wildly in each account!


Check out our IGTV Programs while you're there!





Current Affiliate Opportunities - Make Money with Bob

There are a couple of ways you can partner with Bob Doyle to generate revenue: Affiliate programs, and Commissioned Sales.


The first way is through our free Affiliate programs.


"Affiliate programs" allow you to  earn a commission by sharing certain programs that Bob offers using a special link. When people you share with, purchase through this link, you earn a commission. Affiliating with Bob only makes sense if you have a network or community that in alignment with the programs being shared, of course.


The programs listed below currently have affiliate opportunities attached and are free to join at the links provided.


  1. The Science of Getting Rich: EXPLAINED - By sharing a free e-book, you earn commissions when someone purchases the full "Science of Getting Rich:EXPLAINED" Program.. 

    Program Page:
    Affiliate Signup:
    Free book download:

  2. Podcast Jumpstart - Know someone who absolutely should host their own podcast but doesn't know where to start? Maybe you know a LOT of people? This program earns you a healthy commission for referring content creators to us.  You can send them directly to the signup page, or to a free webinar called "5 GREAT Reasons To Host Your Own Podcast"

    Program Page:
    Affiliate Signup:

  3. Bob Doyle Voice-over - Bulk Purchase - Bob Doyle has been a voice-over artist for 30+ years and is offering highly discounted voice-over services to people who have the need for a lot of work. If you know someone who hires a lot of voice-over and would like to save significant money on professional voice-over, you earn a $200 commission on every bulk package purchased.

    Bob Doyle Voice Page:
    Bulk Purchase Affiliate Program:


The second way to work with Bob is as a commissioned independent contractor.


We have several programs that do not have an "affiliate program" associated with it. These are program that require a bit more conversation up front with a potential client, and overall require more personal contact. The revenue opportunities, however, are much greater.


One category of service that requires this level of conversation is "speaking and training." Our live speaking programs and remote training programs are higher-ticket items that are not appropriate for an online "Buy Now" button and involve details that require a more personal touch.


We are always looking for speaking and training opportunities, so if you have connections with companies or other organizations that utilize training and are on-board with the "Law of Attraction" conversation, and if you can make these job happen, you are rewarded a very generous commission, which varies on the size of the job.


Another category is our "Livestream Jumpstart" program that is a training program that teaches people how to produce spectacular video livestream presentations from their PC. We have packages that included the entire solution in addition to the setup and training for broadcast quality programs. The technical requirements are such that conversations need to be had with regards to the details of the project, so your job would be to set up these conversations. If a sale results, again, you are paid a generous commission based on the size of the project.

If you have an interest in any of these categories, we should talk. The button below will allow you to schedule a 15-minute conversation with Bob regarding the possibility of you representing his services.


Please do not schedule a call unless you are serious about this opportunity and know you can make the call if you schedule it. Calls will be conducted via ZOOM unless it's not possible in your situation.


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